Campfires and Burning

Make Sure your Fire is Out!

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services as partners in protection are working together to provide community awareness of fire prevention and safety. When heading out this May Long weekend, remember fire safety and make sure that your campfire is out! Last year, abandoned campfires accounted for over 80% of the wildfires in the Clearwater Wildfire Management Area. When building a campfire, use caution in selecting a site, preparing your fire, and putting it out - remember that even a small campfire has the potential to become an unmanageable and devastating wildfire that threatens public safety.

When selecting a site, always use the campfire facilities that are provided. If there are no stoves, rings or pits, choose a site that is away from dry grass, heavy bush, leaves, logs and overhanging branches. Ideally, this site should be on level ground near a water source and sheltered from the wind. Once a site is selected, scrape down to mineral soil and set stones, gravel or sand around the rim to contain embers and hot ashes. NEVER use lighter fluid or gasoline to start the fire. Keep your fire small and attend it at all times.

When it is time to put your fire out, spread the fire remains, add plenty of water and stir. Continue adding water or loose dirt and stir until you can no longer see smoke or steam. When you think the fire is out, place your hand above the ashes. If you do not feel any heat and can touch the ashes, the campfire is out. Be sure the campfire is out before you leave! Remember that when wildfire hazard is high, campfires may be restricted in certain areas of the province. For information on fire bans, visit or call 1-866-FYI-FIRE.

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