Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services


Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services was established 1999 which combined the Emergency Fire Rescue Services from Clearwater County, Town of Rocky Mountain House, and Village of Caroline. With these five stations, the Fire Rescue Services provide Fire Suppression, Vehicle Extrication, Medical First Response, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue, Industrial and Farm Rescue, assist Search & Rescue, and Public Education services to the residents of Clearwater County and area.

Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services is made up of 6 stations, divided into two Battlions:

Station 90

Battalion One
: Battalion Chief Sheldon Mehlhaff/Battalion Chief Ray Moller
Station 10 - Leslieville
Station 20 - Condor
Station 30 - Caroline

Battalion Two: Battalion Chief Kris Heemeryck

Station 50 - Nordegg
Station 60 - Rocky Mountain House


The Fire Rescue Services will reduce and manage life-safety hazards and ensure that our community is a safe and desirable place to live and conduct business. We will provide quality Fire Rescue Services through the growth and evolution by focusing on measurable results, increased sharing, and working to ensure that new challenges are encountered in an environment of openness and integrity. Success in realizing goals is ensured through elevated levels of commitment, dedication, and support, while fostering proactive cooperative life-safety protection initiatives for positive risk management. We will maintain attainable recognized industry standards of acceptable practice and service within a volunteer organizational structure. As a unified business unit, we envision sharing resources and fostering close cooperative mutually beneficial partnerships in order to maximize resources and service delivering to the community. Our commitment to lifelong learning, and acceptance of change will facilitate the transformation needed to maximize our potential and continued to instill confidence in our ability to protect our community.


  1. The Fire Rescue Services will through education, engineering, and enforcement relative to our Quality Management Plan(s) endeavour to preserve life, property, and environment in the community.  The priorities involved emergency response in order are:
  2. i. Safety of Fire
    ii. Rescue 
    iii. Property Conservation
    iv. Environmental Conservation
  3. The suppression of hostile fire is a fundamental responsibility of the Fire Rescue Services. The Regional Fire Rescue Services will endeavour to ensure an effective and acceptable level of service recognizing the limitations, as they exist, such as distance, budget, apparatus, equipment, training, and personnel.                                       
  4. The Fire Rescue Services activities will encompass a variety of approaches, which include fire and life safety inspections and public education efforts, enforcement of fire codes and acts, close cooperation with related inspectional services, builders, developers and those responsible for the management of properties.
  5. The Fire Rescue Services will examine and asses the community areas where a significant fire problem may develop with special emphasis on identifying life safety and fire hazard areas, or upon written request.
  6. The commitment to provide other emergency or non-emergency services or perform other functions shall not interfere with the Fire Rescue Service's ability to effectively conduct rescue operations and combat hostile fire.

Code of Ethics

As a fire fighter, I regard myself as a member of an important and honorable profession.

I will conduct both my personal and official life to inspire the confidence of the public. I will not conduct myself in any manner that will dishonor the service or the profession. I will not use my profession and position of trust for personal advantage or profit. I will regard my fellow fire fighters with the same standards as I hold for myself. I will never betray a confidence or otherwise jeopardize my duties.

I will regard it my duty to know my work thoroughly. It is my further duty to avail myself of every opportunity to learn more about my profession.

I will avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest and unbiased work ethic.

I will make no claim to professional qualifications, which I do not possess.

I will be loyal to my superiors, to my subordinates and to the organization, I represent.

I will bear in mind always that I am a truth-seeker, not a case-maker; that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty.

About Clearwater Regional Fire Rescue Services