Station 20 - Condor

Condor Station has been proudly serving the residents of Condor and surrounding area since inception in 1982. Condor boasts a wildland/interface Engine, a Tender with pumping capabilities and a most recently have acquired a Special Operations Rescue unit for Farm, Industrial and Heavy truck incidents region wide. Condor station also has an off road UTV unit equipped for wildland firefighting and off road rescue incidents.

Condors call volume has gradually increased over the years as well as training requirements to meet the increasing demands of the changing community. Condor had 105 calls in 2015.

Station 20 is located in Condor, 1km north of Hwy11. This station has a Battlion Chief, 1 Senior Captain and two Lieutenants with 15 members on the department. With the members and an Engine, Tender, and Rapid Response unit, this station responds for fire suppression, ice rescue, and vehicle extrication. They protect a portion of Clearwater County with automatic aid to two stations for assistance.