Station 30 - Caroline

The history of the Caroline Fire Department has been compiled in reference to the Minute Books and By-Law Register of the Village of Caroline up to the date of 1986.

Shortly after incorporation, at the April regular Council meeting, Lack of firefighting equipment was brought up. The first purchase of firefighting equipment is recorded as a Fire Pumper, Suction Strainer, Suction Hose with expansion ring, couplings attached, Brass Nozzle, and Fire Hose with couplings and Fire Extinguishers at the January, 5, 1954 Council meeting. A steel tank to use with the Fire Engine, and a water wagon were later purchased.

It is recorded at the July 6, 1954, Council meeting that the Village of Caroline received title to property. The Council then passed a By-law #21 at their regular meeting in August, to authorize the Council to build a building, which would be a combination Lock-up, Fire Hall and Village Office.

The first Fire Chief, F.T. Bedingfield was appointed by Resolution of Council at the October 5, 1954 meeting. Bedingfield was also the Village Constable at the time.

The first Fire Prevention By-law #23 was also passed at this October meeting. This bylaw was recommended by the office of the Fire Commissioner in Edmonton and allowed the locally appointed Fire Chief to become the Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner. Included in this by-law were general precautions and sections dealing with smoke pipes, chimneys, storage of explosives, selling of matches and firecrackers to children and the duties of the Fire Chief. The listed General Precautions are still more or less in effect today. Station 30 is located in Caroline on Hwy 54. With the members and a Engine, Tender, Rescue, Rapid Attack, Quad, and Rapid Response unit, this station responds for fire suppression, ice rescue, and vehicle extrication. They protect a portion of Clearwater County with automatic aid to three stations for assistance.